Schnitzel the traveling miniature Dachshund.

Please welcome our newest furry friend Schnitzel the miniature Dachshund. Originally from Australia he’s now exploring dog-friendly Europe with his pet parents. Schnitzel’s adventures started in February 2017 and so far he’s reached a staggering 23 countries with no sign of stopping anytime soon. Just imagine how many pats he has received along the way!

Miniature dachshund

Next on the adventure agenda is a trip to Denmark, Sweden and finishing up in Norway.  Schnitzel loves playing with his toys before bed, so with the “midnight summer” ahead, his pet parents are curious to see how this dashing dachshund will actually get any sleep although he does love a nap anywhere anytime.

Schnitzel loves a little attention when travelling the globe and this means he also loves any treats his new friends want to offer him. While both he and his fur family were wandering around an old town in Spain one lazy afternoon, a local lady who worked in a restaurant took a bit of a shining to this mini man and decided she just had to give him a treat.  After ducking back into the restaurant, she emerged with a huge chunk of bread. Schnitzel being the greedy guts he is was quite happily eating his little body weight in bread before his pet parents stepped in and broke up the party!

Special thanks: All photos provided with permission from @travelnuity

Some Fun Facts:

•AGE: 5

•BREED: Miniature Daschund

•INSTAGRAM: @travelnuity

•FAVOURITE FOOD: Everything and anything! Especially when he visits a tapas bar or a food market where the pickings
are often the best.

•FAVOURITE TOYS:  His nylabone and rubber chickens.

•QUIRKS: Stubborn! Taking pics of his adventures prooves to be a challenge, but when he cooperates he actually loves
the camera. He also is quite fond of a ride in the elevator and times his entry and exit with precision.

•HIGHLIGHTS FROM TRAVELLING: Spending a week on a boat in the Canary Islands ascending to Jungfraujoch in Switzerland and visiting the Christmas Markets in Germany